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2-Piece Floating Front Brake Rotor 375mn Upgrade for Mk8 Golf R & Audi 8Y S3 Now Available from 034Motorsport!


Check out the 2-Piece Floating Front Brake Rotors Here!

The 034Motorsport 375x34mm 2-Piece Floating Front Brake Rotor Upgrade for MK8 Golf R & Audi 8Y S3 is a complete replacement brake rotor and caliper carrier kit, designed to work flawlessly with the factory front calipers. Upgrading your rotors will increase overall braking performance in street, track, and HDPE driving conditions, as they keep your brakes cool and strong all day long!

Weighing in at approximately 26.0lbs, each rotor reduces rotational weight by 1.3lbs on each corner over the factory 27.3lb rotors and increases rotor diameter from 357mm to 375mm! This increases stopping power and reduces rotational weight! While reducing weight, the rotor retains proper thermal mass in the rings to adequately capture, and dissipate heat.

The central hat portion of the 034Motorsport rotor is made of 6061-T6 aircraft specification aluminum. The disc is constructed out of a proprietary metal alloy that can withstand immense braking temperatures while holding form. The rotor utilizes 72 directionally curved vanes to forcefully flow cool air through the rotor to dissipate heat.

The face of the rotor utilizes J-Slot slots to clean the pad surface of contaminants and allows hot pad outgassing.

The rotor and hat have a floating mount system that utilizes high strength alloy steel bobbins. The pins take the load from braking actions while maintaining the axial and radial float between the hat and disc, allowing for safe expansion and contraction from heat.


  • Lightweight Construction (26lb 375mm 034Motorsport Rotor vs. 27.3lb 357mm OE Rotor)
  • Includes Replacement Painted Caliper Carrier to Accommodate Larger 375mm Brake Rotor
  • Fits Under Most 18″ Wheel Designs & OE Wheels
  • Floating, 2-Piece Design
  • Aerospace Grade Aluminum Hats with Type III Hard Anodizing**
  • CM-250 Special Alloy Rotor Rings
  • J-Slot Slotted Friction Face
  • OEM Fitment & Functionality
  • 72 Curved Vanes Force Cooling Air through Brake Disc
  • Floating Bobbins Mounting System
  • Replaceable Rotor Rings
  • Lower Long-term Maintenance Cost


  • 375x34mm 034Motorsport 2-Piece Floating Front Rotor Pair
  • Caliper Carrier Conversion Brackets (Red or Blue)


034Motorsport conducted 14 consecutive 60mph-0mph braking events and measured the temperatures of all four brake rotors. From the factory, the same rotor is used on both sides of the S3 & Golf R, leading to one side having incorrect venting and cooling effects, leading to up to an 80°f temperature differential between left and right rotor.

After installing the 034Motorsport Upgraded 2-Piece Brake Rotors, both left & right rotors increase in heat more evenly throughout all 14 consecutive braking events. By increasing thermal mass and improving the cooling, the 034Motorsport 2-Piece Brake Rotors stay nearly 140°f cooler than the the factory rotors in similar testing conditions with the same brake pads.

**Please Note: Type III hard anodizing of aluminum is considered as a functional surface coating process. While we always aim for color consistency, color variations may exist from batch to batch due to the nature and variables in the anodizing process.


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