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2024 BMW 5 Series G60 with M Performance Parts – live pics of carbon bodykit, 21′ cross-spoke wheels


2024 BMW 5 Series G60 with M Performance Parts – live pics of carbon bodykit, 21′ cross-spoke wheels

You’ve seen the G60 BMW 5 Series in the popular M Sport style (i5 eDrive40), as an M Performance car (i5 M60 xDrive) and even in the stately base form with some brightwork (530e). Now here’s the eighth-generation sedan in the most extreme look currently available – an i5 M60 with the full M Performance Parts catalogue, parked at the i5 launch event hotel.

This i5 M60 xDrive in Frozen Pure Grey metallic wears an elaborate multi-piece carbon front lip, which are actually two separate items. The ones on the sides are sold separately from the two pieces directly under the lower grille.

Not everything sporty you see here is from the M Performance Parts catalogue though. The gloss black nose ‘moustache’ comes with M Sport while the covered insides of the kidney grille – without vertical slats – is standard with the M60. The Shadowline ‘smoked’ headlamps isn’t on the MPP list but is a regular option.

On the profile, the rather thick black strip between the wheels are on the standard car – they visually reduce the height of the doors, which are tall and flat on the G60. There’s a skirt attachment in carbon to match the front lip, and the wing mirror caps are also in CF. There’s a full-length accent strip in black, with the words M Performance at the rear, and an antenna cover in Aramid fibre.

At the back, you’ll find a slim boot spoiler and diffuser inserts. Again, the lower bumper add-ons are spilt into the side pieces and a centre piece. These lower bumper parts are in Aramid fibre, as per the antenna cover, while the rest are CFRP.

Of course, we can’t not talk about those wheels, which – if you notice – are different on each side to show off two potential looks. They’re actually the same set of 21-inch M Performance light alloys in cross-spoke 943M design, but those on the driver’s side are in black, while the passenger side rims are in ‘bicolor’. The elaborate design is more obvious in two-tone. The valve caps have the coveted ///M logo.

2024 BMW 5 Series G60 with M Performance Parts – live pics of carbon bodykit, 21′ cross-spoke wheels

We don’t have interior pics as the car was locked, but the M Performance Parts catalogue also has carbon door sill plates, velour floor mats with synthetic leather edging, a Nappa leather/Alcantara key fob cover and a carbon fuel cap. One can order M Performance brakes with ventilated and perforated discs as well as six-piston front and single-piston rear calipers, too.

The i5 M60 xDrive is an M Performance model and the BEV range topper, since the upcoming M5 will have an ICE. With an extra motor on the front axle for AWD, total output for the M60 is 517 PS and 795 Nm, or 601 PS/820 Nm with My Mode Sport and M Sport Boost/M Launch Control engaged. With all virtual switches flicked, 0-100 km/h is dispatched in just 3.8 seconds. More in our G60 i5 review here.

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