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2025 VinFast VF3: 2024 CES | The Daily Drive


A micro EV crossover that’s likely headed our way.

VinFast VF3 Yellow
VinFast VF3

CESDisplayed this week at the 2024 CES show, is the VF3, a tiny electric SUV from Vietnamese carmaker VinFast. Already on sale in the maker’s home country, VinFast is calling this showing the VF3’s global launch, and promises that reservation taking for the little truck will be begin sometime in 2024.

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VinFast VF3

At only 125 inches in length, the VF3 is fully ten inches shorter than the Fiat 500, and like the 500, features only two doors. VinFast describes the VF3 as, “A green mobility solution for everyone,” but adds that the miniature crossover is designed to, “…accommodate the daily lives of city dwellers.”

VinFast VF3
VinFast VF3

The interior is described by the maker as minimalist, though “practical” four-seat accommodations are promised. VinFast has shared little about the VF3’s technical specifications, save for its expected range of 125 miles.

VinFast describes the VF3 as a mini eSUV, and notes that the vehicle seen here rides on 16-inch wheels. The company also notes that the trucklet features, “ample ground clearance.”

Assuming the vehicles is exported to the U.S.—the maker never specifically said it would be—it would join the brand’s slow-selling VF8 and VF9 crossover in VinFast stores.

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CG Says:

We’re a little confused by the VF3’s mission. It’s practical, but has only two doors, it’s for city dwellers, but it has ample ground clearance, and it’s for everyone, but will be capable of travelling only 125 miles on a single charge. Americans haven’t taken to short-range EVs, a lesson Mazda learned with the short-lived CX-30. Still, the VF3 is cute, which could help generate a few sales.

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VinFast VF3 Yellow
VinFast VF3

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VinFast VF3 Gallery

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