How nice would it be to wake up on Christmas morning and find a new Bugatti parked on your driveway? Well, unless you have a bank account with more zeros in it than you can count, that’s not going to happen. Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped the French car manufacturer from getting in the festive spirit and collating a series of Bugatti-branded products that could serve as nice gifts. Only one of them is affordable.

The first product Bugatti wants you to add to your gift list for Santa is the Master & Dynamic MW08 Bugatti earphones. These active noise-cancelling buds are offered in three different colors and cost a cool $399. Not only do they have Bugatti branding but they have six microphones to improve the noise cancelling and boost Bluetooth calling clarity.

Those with a bigger budget can reach out to Bugatti directly to inquire about one of the 111 eggs that it is producing alongside British luxury retailer Asprey. These eggs were unveiled earlier this year and are said to be worth between $20,000 and $200,000 each. For most, using that money to buy a car or put down a deposit on a home would be a much smarter decision but for Bugatti owners, those figures are chump change.

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 Bugatti Is Selling Christmas Gifts For As Little As $49 To Well Over $400,000

Bugatti also sells speakers co-developed with Tidal-Audio. These speakers were unveiled back in December 2020 and are said to be worth around $450,000, depending on how the customer specs them. Perhaps a little too expensive for that one auntie who is impossible to buy gifts for, then. In the slightly “more affordable” realm is the Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition smartwatch available from $1,290.

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Other gift ideas being promoted by the carmaker include its $1,995 sunglasses, a rose gold tourbillon timepiece assembled by Jacob & Co and worth over $400,000, and a €300 bottle of Carbon champagne with a special Bugatti Bolide inscription. The only gift idea that Bugatti has for us mere mortals is a Lego Technic model for the Bolide that’s available for $49.99.