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China’s Zeekr teases Tesla Model Y rival ahead of imminent debut


Zeekr has released teaser photos of its upcoming, all-electric rival to the Tesla Model Y on Chinese social media. 

The teaser images, published on Weibo by Zeekr’s vice president Lin Jinwen, show the SUV covered in an orange-patterned camouflage livery.

Currently the SUV is codenamed CX1e, with a proper reveal scheduled for later this year.

Jinwen shared the images with a caption hinting its proper name is hidden in the livery. The pattern comprises the letters Z and X, suggesting the upcoming EV could be formally named ZX or XZ.

While it’s not confirmed if this is Zeekr’s final product, these images are our first somewhat-undisguised look at the automaker’s next model, and hold clues to potential styling details like flush-fitting door handles and low-set headlights.

Although the vehicle maintains a conventional SUV shape, the lip at the top of the front window could represent a LiDAR sensor, indicating Zeekr’s newest EV could feature advanced self-driving technology.

The SUV will reportedly use the same SEA 1 version of Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture that underpins the mid-sized 007 sedan, featuring a double wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension.

Emerging markets vice president Mars Chen, said the company’s entry into the SUV segment and the new C-class SUV will be released to the Chinese market in the next three months, before expanding into global markets later this year.

Zeekr, a sister brand to Polestar and Volvo, is part of the Geely family and was founded in 2021.

The Shanghai-based brand is set to launch in Australia before the end of 2024, with the X and 009 the first two vehicles confirmed for our market.


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