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Frellsen joins title hunt with double victory in Most


So, it was all about the main straight! Whoever led at the beginning of the straight would be overtaken by the end of it, and it was like this until the race was run, the leader switching between any one of the top six. On the penultimate lap, Van Crugten led across the line, with Frellsen close behind. Using the slipstream, the Dane drew closer, then cutting the gas a bit, he stayed behind, knowing that if he passed, he would lose his advantage. On the second to last corner, Frellsen made his move on the leader Van Crugten, who had failed to close the door properly. Frellsen knew that, save for a mistake, no one would be able to pass him before the finish line. And so it was the great Dane who took his first victory in the category to the delight of his team who had been working hard to perfect strategy and bike setup all weekend.


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