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Maison LACINO | Luxury For Men


Maison LACINO is a passion project turned into a French luxury label that brings together the modernity of the automotive industry and the timelessness of luxury goods. 

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We sat down with Vincent and Tracy, both French of Lebanese origins, to learn more about their innovative brand.

Please introduce us to the names behind LACINO

Vincent Cuvelier is the founder and president of LACINO, he first established the house three years ago. He is an expert in the automotive industry, an entrepreneur, and a designer who has been passionate about cars since his childhood. He likes the conceptualization and realization of innovative products and came up with the idea and story of our own items like the bowtie.

Tracy Saab joined as a partner and the general manager for a few months now. She is a fashion designer specialising in ready-to-wear and accessories and will bring her expertise and feminine vision to the developing brand. 

Tell us more about the brand’s offerings and DNA 

LACINO combines the high technicality of the industry with the elegance of fashion and jewellery. We are all about the alliance of precious stones with rare metals. The house offers two well-distinguished ranges preserving the same line of conduct: The first is characterized by the bow tie. Our diamond bow ties are GIA certified, designed as a work of art and paired with a unique collar in full-grain calfskin with natural pigmentation.

The second line is a collection of leather goods for men. It is made of natural and metal-free leather inspired by the look and colours of automotive design using quality buckles derived from a carbon fibre product.


You’ve mentioned that your pieces are produced by French manufacturers. What are some of the techniques and products employed?

LACINO pinpoints the fact that its products come from French quality manufacturing, in terms of crafts and accessories. We wanted to have the Made in France Label because the French know-how gives a sound system of quality on an international spectrum, and that is exactly what we want our house to exude as a reputation.

The house also emphasizes the necessity to have products that meet environmental standards. Whether for the outer skins or the necessary linings from Italy, all are treated without chemicals and toxic products. We take care of our skins by following a natural pigmentation treatment to let the leather breathe. The scraps are collected and not burned and we recycle them in order to reuse them for bowtie necklaces or even for small leather goods.

For the bow ties, the carbon-cutting is done in the workshop next to our premises, and Vincent finishes the work by hand before moving on to the gold and precious materials that we subcontract here as well.

So how would you describe the LACINO man?

LACINO is for the businessman characterized as an exceptional persona. A man of character who gives importance to the details of quality products.  

 And why do you think customization and personalization are becoming so important to clients? 

Today the demand for niche, selective and limited-edition products is higher than that for commercially well-known brands. We cater to the client who desires and affords rare items that reflect his personal style. At the LACINO workshops, we have a variety of raw materials that birth these personalized items. 

 Where do you see the brand two years from now? 

We are currently developing the brand in France, Europe and the Middle East. Our ultimate objective is to establish our house under an image that resembles us and that of our esteemed clients. 

Finally, where can we purchase your products? 

For our jewellery pieces, clients can request a private appointment and a privileged accompaniment via our website. Our leather goods will soon be exclusively sold at major luxury stores and car dealerships.


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