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Rimac Turns 15 And Celebrates With $2.5M Copper Nevera Special


The Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition features copper accents as well as a multi-million dollar price tag

 Rimac Turns 15 And Celebrates With $2.5M Copper Nevera Special

  • To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Rimac is producing a limited-edition Nevera.
  • Only nine examples will be made, each costing €2.35 million or about $2.54 million.
  • All will have two-tone wheels, special graphics, and copper interior accents.

Rimac might seem like a relatively new EV startup, but the company recently turned 15 years old. They’re now celebrating that milestone with a Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition.

Production will be limited to nine units and the first car sports a matte copper exterior, which was “specifically developed for its connections not only with times of celebration, but also to energy, as well as its more practical application as the material most widely used in electrical cables.” In effect, it’s the Duracell of electric supercars.

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Besides being the first Nevera to wear matte paint, the model features an eye-catching carbon fiber split that provides a “striking gloss contrast, both in texture and in color.” Furthermore, all models will have two-tone wheels, special badging, and distinctive graphics that are inspired by connections on a circuit board.

The special touches continue inside as drivers will find copper-painted surfaces and anodized copper switchgear. They’ll be joined by black or white seats with contrasting copper leather accents and embossed headrests with “15” graphics. Elsewhere, there’s a “2009-2024” script on the armrest and special badging on the rear bulkhead.

The Nevera 15th Anniversary Edition costs €2,350,000 ($2,540,291) and comes equipped with all options as well as a bespoke luggage set that matches the car’s interior. The first model will celebrate its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and will be driven up the hill by its wealthy owner.

In a statement, CEO Mate Rimac said “When I started to tinker with my first car in a garage, I couldn’t have even dreamt of being where we are 15 years later. There were so many times in the early years that we really thought the company wouldn’t make it, so reaching the 15-year milestone felt like it was worthy of a celebration.”

As a refresher, the Nevera has a 120 kWh battery pack and a quad-motor all-wheel drive system with a combined output of 1,888 hp (1,408 kW / 1,914 PS). This enables the model to rocket from 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in 1.74 seconds, hit a top speed of 258 mph (412 km/h), and have a WLTP range of 304 miles (490 km).


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