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Special parking area to be built along Jalan Temiang-Pantai for motorists – additional street lights proposed


The Negeri Sembilan government, together with the state public works department (JKR), has identified a location along Jalan Temiang-Pantai to construct a parking lot.

This was revealed by menteri besar Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun at a recent State Legislative Assembly sitting, as Bernama reports. He pointed out that aside from the proposed parking area, which will be located on privately-owned plot situated at an intersection near the scenic route, local authorities are also looking at other suitable areas to provide additional parking lots.

Aminuddin was replying to a question from Temiang assemblyman, Ng Chin Tsai, on the status of the government’s proposal to build parking lots along the road. He added that aside from the parking lots, local JKR authorities are also making an application to erect additional street lights in the area under the Peninsular Malaysia Federal Road Safety programme.

The announcement is a much-needed one in addressing the phenomenon that has been taking place along Jalan Temiang-Pantai. Ever since it was open for public use, scores of motorists have been stopping along the route to take pictures, while some have been seen speeding along the route, which is also used by joggers and cyclists. By the way, it is not illegal to jog or cycle on the road, which is a federal road and not a highway.

Back in June, Seremban traffic police were on location to conduct operations against illegal parkers under part 50 of the Road Traffic Rules 1959 regarding “obstructing traffic” and part 53 of the same act regrading “Emergency Lanes.” Offenders can be fined up to RM2,000 or sentenced to not more than six months jail, or both, upon conviction.

Following all that activity, the road has been designated as a ‘special patrol zone’ to prevent the public from stopping on the road shoulder and emergency lane, and to improve road safety, according to Datuk Ruslan Khalid, the Negeri Sembilan chief of police.


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