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Toronto Man Risks Life To Save His Subaru BRZ From Burning Truck


A Subaru driver narrowly escapes injury while attempting to save his beloved BRZ from a burning pickup parked next to it

 Toronto Man Risks Life To Save His Subaru BRZ From Burning Truck

A Toronto man went to extreme lengths to prevent his Subaru BRZ from being damaged by a burning pickup truck parked next to his vehicle this week. The daring rescue was captured by bystanders in dramatic footage shot from a nearby building.

Uploaded by TikTok user muhammadfaraz2113, the video starts with a parked pickup truck, which appears to be a GMC Sierra HD, already on fire. The cause of the fire is not known.

As the blaze grows to engulf more and more of the truck, it looks increasingly like it might spread. Leaking fluid can be seen trickling away from the truck, and embers can be seen shooting out of the front.

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After a short period of time, a man in a black and blue coat begins to approach the blaze. He walks between it and what appears to be a Subaru BRZ parked next to it, in an effort to drive the sports car away.

However, just as he opens the door, one of the truck’s tires bursts, causing the man to flinch. Then another tire pops, and the truck can visibly be seen to drop down. It is not clear how close he came to suffering injuries but, fortunately, he was still able to drive the car away from the burning truck.

The bursting tires, and the timing of the drama, are useful reminders that it’s definitely not worth getting between your car and a fire. Although no one wants to lose their vehicle, it can be replaced, unlike you.

Fortunately, by the end of the video, the fire department arrives on the scene to put out the blaze and spare anyone else from facing danger.

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