Nobody enjoys being stuck in traffic, but the owner of a particularity Toyota GT 86 in Poland recently had an encounter worse than most. Their sports coupe was not just rear-ended; it was driven over by a Mercedes-Benz B-Class in a particularly bizarre incident.

The collision took place earlier this month when the GT 86 was stationary in the right side of a two-lane road. Initially, everything seemed normal until a black Mercedes-Benz B200 began approaching the Toyota from behind without any indication of braking. The rear-facing dashcam of the GT 86 then captured the B200 slamming into the rear of the sports car, initially making contact with the rear quarter panel and subsequently driving over the roof of the Toyota.

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Immediately after the impact, the Mercedes can be seen resting on top of the GT 86 with one of the front wheels perched on the Toyota’s front quarter panel. Images taken after the impact reveal that the Mercedes was a right-hand drive vehicle from the UK and show that the Toyota has suffered extensive damage.

In fact, the impact has shattered the passenger side window, ripped off the wing mirror, and caused significant damage to the door and quarter panel. The presence of aftermarket wheels on the GT 86 indicates that it is owned by a proper enthusiast too, making the collision all the more unfortunate.

The exact cause for the crash isn’t known but it seems likely that the driver of the B200 was either distracted or had incorrectly assumed that the Toyota would start to move forward with the flow of traffic. Regardless of the reason, a local body shop and mechanic inspected the Toyota and suggested that it could be declared a total loss given the damage done to the rear-quarter panel and the A-pillar.

 Toyota GT 86 Crushed After Mercedes Runs Over It In Poland
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