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Why We Can’t Get Enough Of John Cena’s New LS-Swapped 1969 MGC GT


John Cena is a famed WWE champion and is also now gaining recognition as a fine actor. But it is seldom known that this wrestling star has a car collection of mostly classic cars, that can make others jealous. He is a proud owner of a 1970 Plymouth Superbird, a 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger 426, and even a first-gen Ford GT. He has had his fair share of controversies with his now-sold 2017 Ford GT.

But despite all the buzz, Mr. Hustle-Loyalty-Respect’s taste for cars sure is impressive and widespread. And that brings us to his 1969 MGC GT which has been given a very desirable restomod. Motortrend showcased this fine build on the Texas Metal Series, and oh boy, has this classic Brit got a lot of surprises up its sleeve. The exterior makeover is fairly subtle, and a keen set of eyes can only mark the mods.

But under the hood, it gets a bright orange fire-breather that is through-and-through American! The level of craftsmanship is impressive and the restomod also brings in major suspension upgrades too. As for the interior, it has been given a modern makeover and colorful upholstery. John Cena’s cheekiness says the rest of this restomod story!

John Cena gets his ’69 MGC GT converted from a “classic” sleeper to the ultimate “modern” sleeper with clean aesthetics and a bucketful of American Muscle!

John Cena’s ’69 MGC GT Restomod Is Low, Wide, And Baby Blue

The interesting part of this retro-modded MGC GT is that it doesn’t look much different from the stock ’69 British sleeper. The shop has done a clever job of retaining all of this coupe’s classic lines, including that tiny bump on the hood. But if you admire it longer, the modifications slowly come into the picture. The car now sits lower and the fender flares are much broader, courtesy of the new body kit. And the Baby Blue paint job puts forth a unique proposition too.

The resto-modded MGC GT is devoid of any kind of chrome and most of the trimmings are either painted in the blue or a contrasting black shade. The wheels are black which helps pop those orange-golden Willwood calipers hidden behind them. Keeping the classic part intact is the original headlamp assembly. But the fog-lamp cut-outs were hollow which indicates that a few finishing touches are still pending.

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This MGC GT Restomod Packs A 6.2-Liter Chevy V8 With A Stick Shift

John Cena got a shocker when the hood was popped open. Gone was the 145-hp 2.9-Liter inline-6 motor and in came a bright-orange LS motor. Cena was baffled to see such a huge V8 tightly packed into a cavity that was destined to hold up to six cylinders. The 6.2-Liter Chevy V8 churns out well over 600 hp which puts this MG right into the supercar category.

Even wilder is the fact that the stock car weighed just 2,100 pounds which makes this LS-swapped creation pack a wicked power-to-weight ratio figure. And we also dig the fact that the V8 is bright orange and will always sparkle your eyes, every time the hood is popped! Adding more fun to the package is a six-speed manual gearbox that is sure to put a smile on every gearhead’s face.

A Complete Suspension Overhaul To Make This Brit Lively

To help this 52-year-old classic Brit get up to speed and flexibility, the team at Texas Metal swapped in the prehistoric suspension setup for a much more modern and adaptive one. It now flaunts an independent layout on all four corners with adjustable racing coilovers.

It also gets a two-meter long control arm and heavy-duty four-link at the rear. This setup eradicates the lousy handling dynamics that the MGC GT was known for, and also elevates it up another notch to help enjoy all of its 600+ horses within conviction.

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MGC GT Restomod Gets A Colorful And Comfy Interior Makeover

The interior also gets modified into a more comfortable and tech-laden haven. The striking features include its colorful upholstery with blue seats and bright orange piping to mimic the exterior theme. The dashboard has been given a chin-up job with all classic bits replaced with modern elements.

But they made sure not to overdo it and mess up its retro quotient. Comfort was given due importance. Seats were moved backward and the pedals forward, to provide more seating space for Mr. Cena.

John Cena Giggles Like A Baby And Hands Over His Next Car

John Cena was truly impressed with the work done on his MG. And as a token of appreciation for the immense work that the team at Texas Metal had put into the classic coupe, Cena handed over a Bugatti Type 57C replica as their next project car which will clearly have an interesting outcome.

Source: MG Motor, Bringatrailer, Motortrend YouTube Channel


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