Good advice when buying a classic car

One of the most defining characteristics of a dynamic business is the ability to utilize and keep up with the latest developments and breakthroughs in the market and the classic car market is no exception to this rule, relying on the internet in order to help facilitate sales.

The internet has meant that people from all over the world can interact with one another and from a purely business perspective, this has opened up new and exciting opportunities in terms of prospective customers. Buying a car (whether it be a classic car, or just a regular family vehicle) can be a rather risky affair, with such large sums of money exchanging hands it is crucial that you exercise due diligence in order to protect yourself from any potential difficulties. When it comes to purchasing classic cars online, there are even more issues which you should ensure that you prepare for.

Be very wary of a seller who will only ever accept a wire transfer as the only means of payment. Whilst wire transfers are an effective and speedy way of sending money across the globe without the need to worry about currency conversions or costly fees, they are also relied upon unscrupulous people. Wire transfers are virtually untraceable and so you may find that you have no legal recourse against a fraudulent seller. It is amazing the number of people who fall for this trick, a genuine seller will offer alternative means of payment for precisely this reason. The reasons can range from “shipping fees” “customs duties” but regardless of the reason, avoid it like the plague. 

Once you have found a classic car that you intend to purchase, you may wish to enlist the assistance of an appraiser to better advise you as to the actual value of the vehicle. There are a number of different factors that can and will reduce both the actual and potential value of any (classic) car, and so an appraiser will be able to examine the car in question and determine its market value. 

For example, looks can be deceiving and although a classic car may look like it is in mint condition its value maybe worth very little. Why? Because the original parts of the vehicle have been replaced with newer components. Often, buyers will over inflate the sale price solely on this basis so make sure you don’t fall into the trap of getting so overcome by excitement that you forget the basic practicalities.

Make sure that you have a careful review of the history of the classic car as well, whilst any damage which the car has sustained is important make sure that you are fully aware as to the financial and credit history of the vehicle. IS there any outstanding debts or liens or insurance premiums on secured against the vehicle? 

Make sure to find out whether or not the paint of the car is original, if it has been replaced then this can reduce the value by a significant amount.