Triumph TR6

Triumph TR6 is manufactured by Triumph Motor Company. The production of these cars started in the year 1969 and it continued untill 1976. The assembling works were completed in England. The TR 6 is a sports car with 6 cylinders. It’s a pretty old model and doesn’t look like most of the fifth generation cars. More than 90,000 TR 6 were produced and it was a big success at the time. Seperate versions of the car was introduced for US and other countries. The US version was with a different type of engine and was able to generate 150 hp. The Tr6 has not got any automatic transmission modes. It has just the manual transmission mode with 4 speeds.

The TR6 can be bought with a optional component as well. And this is the “overdrive”. And it is a good thing for people who are aggressive drivers and loves to drive pretty fast. That’s because this unit called as “overdrive” supports close gearing. The interiors are pretty cool with carpets and buckets seats. The car is with 15 inch wheels and makes driving really easy and exciting. Some of the features that can be found in the TR 6 model of Triumph are the independent rear suspension, the pinion steering, and also the combination of drum and disc brakes. Disc brakes are in the front side and the drum brakes are in the rear side of the car.

You will wonder why the dashboard is made of plywood. There may be many reasons and it is assumed that Triumph was actually into making an old fashioned car with oldish looks and such things. And that might be the reason behind the woodish dashboard. Not just that, the car is little bit bulkier – and they could have made it look like a pretty charming car by modifying the design a little bit.