Honda NSX

Honda, one of the world leading car manufacturers today has an ace up its sleeve, the Honda NSX.   Are you wondering what Honda’s NSX stands for? Well it is only an abbreviation for the New Sports Car – Experimental.

Everything About This Car Will Definitely Make You Tick

From conceptualization to designing the car, to the actual specifications and actual road performance, not to mention the sports car’s features, this is one highly interesting and fully loaded road machine!

The Honda NSX was first spotted in the 1989 Chicago Auto Show as a concept car designed by the Japanese Team of Ken Okuyama and Shigeru Uehara, both Honda Chief Engineers. During the same year, it was also featured during the Tokyo Motor Show in the car’s homeland, Japan.

Honda NSX

But even with an ace engineering team, Honda even managed to recruit the help of famous Formula One drivers to ensure that their sports car will survive and surpass all the grueling race track challenges. Japanese F1 driver Satoru Nakajima tossed n useful inputs pertaining to chassis tuning.  Brazilian F1 sensation Ayrton Senna and American Bobby Rahal also contributed to the design conceptualization. A multi-talented collaboration indeed!

Needless to say, the Honda NSX took the world by storm when it was unveiled to the commercial automotive public in 1990.  The sleek wedge design of the Honda NSX just reeked with too much sex appeal!


Jaw Dropping Specs

The Honda NSX features a very light aluminum chassis, suspension and exterior frame. Would you believe that all of these aluminum components of the Honda NSX only weighed less than 200kg?

The sports car was fitted with state of the art wishbone suspensions and these were fastened to the aluminum subframes both at the back and front ends of the Honda NSX.  And if you have not yet heard of Honda’s infamous VTEC engine, well you are rather outdated. This baby was utilized and fitted into the Honda NSX with perfection.

In 2002, the Honda NSX received full modification on its exterior details.  The modified Honda sports car featured HID headlamps, a fixed roof and new and improved suspensions.  The suspension upgrade is key to the flawless performance of the Honda NSX since a more powerful engine will push the car to a greater maximum speed which will require only top of the line suspensions for added stabilization. This will be very useful when the sports car is already traveling at very high speeds.

Also modified was the Honda NSX’s tire and wheel standard sizes.  The tire and wheel sizes required for the 2002 model was increased to get better traction and maintain to be able to maintain its superb handling even at intense high speeds.  

Since the Honda NSX is already street legal, various models were also made available with different body colors with vainly matching interior upholstery in variable color combinations.  In addition, the model NSX was easily available with different exterior colors with matching interiors and variable color combinations. Truly an automobile enthusiasts’ dream come true!