Owners Clubs

Classic cars are typically cars which are no longer in active production, are quite rare and tend to be rather valuable. For a variety of different reasons they attract the loyalty and commitment of many different people from all walks of life, with people of such differing backgrounds bound together by a common interest (and indeed love) of the same cars. Owner clubs poses an excellent way for any aspiring car buff to rub shoulders with people with a wealth of knowledge and experience, allowing them to get practical support and advice as to how to properly restore and maintain their own classic car.

Owner clubs also provide classic car fans with an opportunity to swap tips as to the relative valuations guidelines and what factors can be used to help increase the value of a classic car. As mentioned earlier in the article, classic cars tend to be models of cars which are no longer produced by their respective manufacturer and this means that finding (original) spare parts for the classic car in question can be very difficult.  

If you are using classis cars as a means of investment, then this should be of particular concern because the use of new, modern parts can actually reduce the value of the classic car by quite a significant amount. Given how old many classic cars it is perhaps a necessary evil that you will have to contend with, and an owners club can provide some valuable insight as to what parts can be comfortably replaced with a minimum of loss in value. 

Another interesting feature of owner clubs is that there is often a section specifically dedicated to trades and swaps of parts.  A trend that is becoming increasingly common is that cars are swapped because in monetary terms with the car stripped and broken down into its respective different components  is worth more than the actual car itself. Given that modern equipment tend to put a significant dent in the value this is hardly surprising and so this automobile “cannibalism” is becoming increasingly prevalent and popular.

Owner clubs are excellent ways to make business contacts even if it is on an informal basis only, even getting a rough estimate as to the relative value of your classic car is an excellent start. Sometimes people are put off by having to pay a membership fee in order to join an owner club, but given the wealth of information and contacts that will be made available to you, this is in of itself, more of an investment than a burden. 

Whether you join an owner club simply as a classic car enthusiast or in order to help maximize your profits if you happen to take the investment route, you can be rest assured that there is a dedicated community willing and more than happy to advise you with any queries or concerns you may have. How knows, maybe you’ll make some friends along the way as well!