11: Places of succor

In the process of renovating your classic car, you might encounter a problem or two. 

This is not far fetched, since this is your first job. This is why it is so important to partner with other people passionate about classic car restoration.

Classic car restoration is not just a pastime. It is a way of life. There are people who are totally given out to it and spend their weekends at automobile exhibitions. Also, there are people who love doing this in the evenings or during  weekends much  like anyone would enjoy a avocation.

Thanks to the internet, there are countless avenues for those who are embarking on their first project of classic car restoration to get help. Before the commencement of your classic car restoration project, check out the following:

Meet-Up groups –Attend a meeting of car enthusiasts in your area. This is a very easy way to get to meet people you share the same interest with. Meet up groups abound on the internet if you go to meetup.com. If you cant find one in your neighborhood you can start one. Even though you can find a lot of information online, if you join a local group, you can borrow their tools and save money on renting or purchasing equipment. This is a great advantage.

The local library. There local library in your vicinity is another compendium on car repair and body work. Besides, the library is free, as long as you live in the area and return their books on time.

Classic Car Associations. you can join an association where you can get ready help from the members. You may have to pay a token for this, but in exchange, you will get a lot of newsletters and information on places where you will have access to the best deals on parts as well as places to exhibit your car.

Magazines- Subscription to magazines for classic car restoration enthusiasts is another way of getting access to up to date information. Asides learning new tips and techniques for restoring your car, you might as well get ads for the ever growing parts industry and find places to place your own adverts when you are done with your projects.

Online forums. There are a number of websites on the internet dedicated to vehicle reconstruction. Try and join them. Most car enthusiasts are glad to share what they knows. Introduce yourself to others on the forum and be active. you can find answers to any question on the internet :if you ask. Someone might have encountered your problem before and found a way round it

Auto shops-Take a visit to your local auto parts seller and see if they have advice for you. You might be lucky they have worked on vintage autos and can recommend reputable products or a store.

Classic Car exhibitions. Attend exhibitions of classic cars in your area and relate with the owners of the various classic cars. People who attend these kind of gatherings have likely been restoring classic cars for quite a while. They would be willing and eager to talk about it with anyone who shows interest. Be humble and try to learn from them. You might  even find a mentor.

Ebay– The numerous books you ll lay your hands on at Ebay and Amazon on classic car restoration are also good. They can be found at very cheap prices . You might also be able to find the original manual that applies to your car online.

Professional Restoration Shops-A number of these abound online. though they do this for a living and are likely to jeer at amateurs who try to undertake the craft in their garage. Nevertheless, they will be willing to lend a hand and offer advice.

The more knowledge at your finger tips, the better you are. Look for resources and knowledge as much as you can, wherever you can and apply them. Continue to learn about this craft so that there would be  marked improvement in your skills


Never forget you are working on reconstructing an old car. You are not doing brain surgery on a member of your family. While you should take a sizable amount of plume in anything you do, keep the entire project in view and do not feel like a failure if you do ask for outside help. Do not take yourself too serious.