Jaguar Mark 2

The Jaguar Mark 2 is also known as Jaguar Mk2. So, don’t get surprised when you hear Mk instead of mark. Mk2 was manufactured by Jaguar during the years 1950-1970, and the assembling works were done in England. It has a stylish saloon and not that bulky as well. There were three versions with engines that were of 2.4, 3.4 and 3.8 litre capacities and 210, 210 and 220 bhp respectively. The models sold in various countries are with different configurations. The 3.8 litre Mk2 was with twin SU carburettors. And such a model was sold in most of the countries including England. But some of the cars with the 3.8 litre was not with this specification. In the same way, most of the 2.4 litre models of Jaguar Mk2 were with twin Solexes. 

The handling and braking of the Mk2 models are pretty good in the sense that they are much suited for long drives and fast drives. In 1966, the Mk2 cars from Jaguar were launched with minor changes and one of the best thing found in the newly launched models is the leather seats. And the interiors in the newer models were just superb. These things make the newer mk2 models to be a high performance, well designed, luxury car that can be bought for pretty cheap prices.

Jaguar struggled a lot in the sales of mk2 after the introduction of Rover 2000 TC. For the same reason, they lowered the price of all the Mk2 models. It was during this time, Jaguar stopped the production of the 3.8 litre model. Soon, they renamed the mk2 2.4 and 3.4 models as Jaguar 240 and Jaguar 340 respectively.