15: Where To buy classic car components

There are various means to get the parts that you need to restore your car. One of the best places is the internet. A quick search with a search engine on vintage parts for any kind of car will come up with a bunch of sites.

Some other ways to find vintage car parts for your  project include the following:

Auto parts store

Magazine ads

Restoration shops

Junk yards (although this can be difficult if you are restoring a popular model)

Swap meets with other car enthusiasts

Auto parts store

Vintage car parts websites

A number of internet portals will display avenues for those who are interested in classic car restoration. These will guide you to all you require

Thanks to the internet, classic car restoration has become easy. By joining an online community and making use of this worthful tool, you will not only get assistance from others who also enjoy restoring cars, but you will also find the required car parts to make your classic car restoration a success.