Ford Capri Mk3

The Ford Capri Mk3 model was lauched with very few changes from the Mk2 model. The earlier cars were made available in the 1978 and it did have looks similar to the Escort RS2000 at least the front side of the car looks similar to that model from Escort. The four headlamps at the front is much similar to that found in Escort RS2000. But, when looking into Ford Capri Mk3, from all sides, it’s a totally unique car in all respect. The mk3 model is a better car than Mk2 since it’s performance is much better than Mk2. The engine performance was improved to a great extent from the Mk2 model. It has got with itself a petrol engine and there are two versions of this series. One of them is with a 1.6 litre engine and the other is with a 2.8 litre engine. And one of the models from the two are with a v6 engine, and it is the one with 2.8 litre engine that is with this feature.

Never mind, even if you are a big fan of just the cars with automatic transmssion modes. Ford Capri Mk3 has got both automatic transmission as well as manual transmission modes. So, there is no need to worry about driving and comfortness. It’s a perfect car for enjoying your drive for very long time. If you don’t care about the exterior design and overall look of the car, then you can own it even today drive in the streets without worrying about anything  but just enjoying your drive to the fullest.

The TV Series “The Professionals” made this car much famous among the mass in uK. At that time, people were so anxious to own one seeing the characters in the series drive the car in a pretty cool manner. This actually boosted the sales of Ford Capri Mk3 to a great extent.