16: Twenty hints for car freaks

By now, you are probably ready to restore your car. Before you kick off, ensure  that

you read and understand the following hints so that your project goes well without hitches:

Tip one – Shield Your Paint Job from Damage

When you are assembling your classic car after taking it apart, you would surely not want any damage to the new paint coating. There are ways to handle some parts to avoid any damage to the paint when you are assembling them. Parts like bumpers, hood, trunk lid, doors and windshield. They include:

•The use of wedges when fixing the fenders so that damage is not done to the paint and it remains level with the body of the car;

•The use of new hinge mounts if you have to keep the original hood and trunk lid .This is because the mounts tend to get rusty and it might be difficult to close flush with the body of the car;

•Substituting all the weather husking on the windows and windshield before putting them back on the car.

Tip Two – Allegories and Trim

Ascertain that you make use of the correct allegories and trim that came with the car. These can be bought at the same place where you got the archetype.

Your car must not go unfinished without the necessary allegories and trim.

Tip Three – Getting Your Car Ready for Painting

After you have used a power smoother to smoothen the body of your car, wash and dry it

well before you apply primer. Automotive tape can be used to cover the parts that you do not want the paint to touch. Just before using the primer, rub the body again with a magnetic cloth just to make sure that you have not overlooked anything

Tip Four – Xanthous headlamps

If you are favored to have the original headlights that came with your car, chances are they might have gotten a yellow like stain with time. This is not unusual for a car that is old. There are various methods for getting the stain out of the headlights and restoring.

Some people say using toothpaste will remove it and get the headlights back to an immaculate state. However, there is a product , called Permatex, that can do this .It  can de got at any local auto parts store.

Tip Five – Rusty Spots

These brown oxide spots can be rubbed out with a scratchy material. Bigger spots may have to be removed with a strong tool, such as a power sander fixed with a abrasive head.

Tip Six – Equipment on lease

One of the grounds why you should link up with a car club is to have access to one of the best and easy places to rent equipment in your area. Some of the equipments, for instance, the  power sprayer for painting and the power sander, are quite costly. You can reserve some extra change  by getting equipment on lease. Many truck rental stores lease power equipment on a daily or hourly basis. If you cannot borrow from someone in your club or area, you might do well to rent the equipment.

Tip Seven – Wash and Wax By Hand

Do not take your vehicle to an automatic car wash. Majority make use of wire brushes which can affect your car. Hand washing and waxing the vehicle yourself prolongs the body. Protect the new paint and body that it took you so long to create.

Tip Eight – Safeguard Yourself

Ensure you have  a respirator and goggle on when you are working on your car as well. You prevent a lot of injury to yourself by doing this.

Tip Nine – Make use of an Air compressor

After washing and drying the car, , use an air compressor to clear out ll the wter that may remain . You would not want your newly fixed car to be damaged by moisture. 

Tip Ten – Use a Car Cover

Even in heated garages, handle your newly restored car, with all the ffection youcan muster. Purchase n a car cover that will keep it warm, even in the heated

environments. It can also protect it against the effect of being slammed on by you kids

Tip Eleven –  Rotars and Brake Pads

Make sure all the faulty  rotars and brake pads on the car are replaced on a regular basis. Do both t the same time because replacing the pads alone cause the rotars to grind.

Tip Twelve – protect The chromium-plate

If you are fixing a 1950 car, try your best to substitute the chrome plate. This is quite expensive to do because repairing the plate is much cheaper. There are chrome shops that will do this work for a token, or you can do it yourself if you want. You can make use of dips to clean the chrome plate.

Tip Thirteen – Change the Wires

Most of the electrical wiring would have probably worn off. It would be better  to change the wires nd substitute tem with new ones instead of trying to repair them.

Tip Fourteen – woody parts

The woody should be stripped and varnished so that they ll have  a shiny and new appearance..

Tip Fifteen – Contract Out Work

Do not be too proud or shy to employ the services of a professional. Though, it will definitely be cheaper if you do the job yourself, than having to hire an extra hand .

Tip Sixteen – change  Window Wiper Blades and the Spark Plugs

You ll be amazed at the attempt people who are restoring classics cars try to clean the spark plugs instead of replacing them. This is an issue you must not overlook – that it is more beneficial to replace rather than repair.

Remove the   wiper blades off the car before inserting  the new blades. By doing this, you do not run the risk of scratching your car 

Tip Seventeen – purchase a Lift

If you do not have a car lift, now may be a proper time to get one. A lot of work can be easily done under the car, and it is much safer. 

Tip Eighteen – Car Kits

There are a variety of car kits that can be gotten, both online and at your local auto parts shop. These can help with the mechanical aspect of your reconstruction. Car kits are available for most types of cars on the market and they have almost all the things that you need to rebuild an engine It may pay off sometimes to buy a kit than to buy each part one at a time.

Tip Nineteen – Clean the exhaust pipe

Always remember to clean and polish the exhaust pipe of the classic car. You can easily remove this after you have removed the engine.. In addition, ensure that you clean the framework of the car as well.

Tip Twenty – Restore the trunk too

These days, trunk of cars are lined with a carpet like substance. Many year ago, trunks did not have this accessory. Reconstruct the interior of the automobile trunk as well as the body. Although it is not normally open for peeks during classic car shows, it adds to the cars aesthetic value