10: Refabrication

Before you begin to reassemble the car, make sure that everything both inside and outside are in good working condition. Test the lights, engine and the doors. The brake pads should be new(you don’t won’t a car that won’t stop once it starts to move). Then you can begin  to put the parts together.

Start off by putting the interior together, such as the seats. Ascertain that all the parts are secure before you do anything. This is to prevent the stress of removing them again. Then you can proceed by fixing the doors.

You can then put on the hood, the hard top and trunk. Once this is completed, add the chrome and any exterior accessories that should be added.

When you are done, and the car parts are together, start the engine. If everything has been put together and wiring done correctly, it should start with no problem.


You might notice something amiss in the car after reassembling it. No one is infallible  and you might likely  have regrets on “things you would

have done better.” Pacify yourself  with the thought  that you are not a professional yet  and that this is your inaugural job. Take any mistakes in stride and learn from them with a solemn vow not to repeat them in your next project.

If you get to this point, and your car works well and looks good on the road, you have

Without doubt victoriously completed your first car renovation project, Congratulations!


Those who complete their first renovation projects are often discouraged when someone notes something they did not do right. Again, take any criticism in good faith and learn

from any mistakes you might have made.

If you have diligently followed the instructions in this text, you started on a

vehicle that was inexpensive and in decent shape to begin with. This was a first project for you, and with each restoration project, you will only get better.


It is more vital that you enjoyed the work you did on the project and the completion than making it absolutely “perfect.” Some people enjoy competing in shows for prizes with their perfectly restored cars, others are content with being able to say “I did it myself”


Have confidence in your accomplishment. You changed an old car from its rickety state and turned it into a master piece, not everyone can do that. Now that you are beginning to learn the ropes, you can continue to work to improve your craft.