12: Maintaining you newly renovated car

The restored classic car should be secured in a slightly heated garage and provided with a covering during winter. There is a strong possibility that you will spend a lot of time and money getting the car in good condition and so you would want to make sure it stays in that good condition

If the area where you live is warm and dry most of the time, a place like Arizona, you can take the car out throughout the year. If you reside in a place were the climate has snow and ice in scope, you might want to keep the car indoors during the winter months. The salt that gets deposited on the road will cause some damage on the body of the car you have expended so much energy on.

As it applies to all classic cars, you should never forget to change the oil, rotate the tires and do a routine checkup on the engine every year. Begin periodically in the winter and keep the gas tank filled all the time.

Any car will keep running smoothly if you treat it like this. By giving your classic car attention, you will enjoy it for a long time.