8: Adornments

The components of the car that improves capability of the car may be the final thing you might want to embark upon when restoring your car. The accessory components include: mirrors, tail lights, chrome bumpers, tires and the hub caps. Like every other thing, they should all be reinstated  to perfect  condition.

All accessories that are chrome should be removed and downed to a high shine. Chrome is not hard to polish. You can make use of just about anything polish chrome.

You should ensure that you straighten out any depressions in the bumpers. This can be achieved by knocking them out from the back of the depression with a soft hammer. If the bumper is not looking good, make sure it is replaced.

Put it in mind that your goal is to get the car to look almost the way it when it came off the assembly line. Some shopping may have to be done for a chrome bumper that will  match the make, model and year of the car. It will be worth the effort, as this is one of the things that people to notice about cars.

Ensure  that all the salient details on the chrome bumper match factory specifications. The polished chrome bumpers can be set aside for a while until it is time to reassemble the car.

Other accessories may include the rear view mirrors and side the mirrors. The mirrors have to be the right size. Most cases, the mirrors can be polished. If painted, they should be repainted with the same paint as the color of the car. If they are plastic, cleaning would just suffice.. If the mirror glass is cracked or rusty, get a replacement

The tail lights may have cracked or may not be in good condition. Getting the tail lights rewired work should not pose a problem, but getting the actual tail light of a 1956 Chevy might be  challenge. At times,, the frame of the tail light can be rescued and it might just be  the glass or plastic that ll be replaced. This is cheaper and easier than searching for a tail light that will match the grill on the front of the car must also be taken care off. They might probably be made of chrome so it will likely have to be polished to a high shine like all the other chrome parts.

The tires also will have to be replaced. They will have to be close to the same make and model that came with the car the year it was built. You might want to find out the type of tires that were used for the car and get them matched as close as can be done.

If you still possess the hubcaps that came with the car, good for you. This is another chrome part, that need to be polished and really made to sparkle. You must resist the urge to get modern hubcaps for the tires. Do not forget, you are trying to reinstate the vehicle, not pimping it up.

It is possible you do not have all the hubcaps that came with the car. Hubcaps are the most usual objects that are either get stolen from the car or roll off when the car encounters large pothole.

Again, find out what kind of hubcaps were used originally for the car and search them out.


Try as much as possible to reinstate the car to its original condition by making use of veritable parts. If this is beyond you, use parts that are very similar and which only the most spotting eye can see.