17: Top classic car websites

When you surfing the web, check out these  websites for classic car fans all over the world. These sites furnish you with  more tips about where the best shows in the world take palace

Majority of the sites have forums that you can be part of and  ask questions of other classic car restoration enthusiasts. This is one of the best ways to learn classic car restoration.

The classic car sites include:

  • Overhaulin – This site also offers restoration tips for the “do it yourself”
  • Vintage car renovator 
  • Classic Cars. This is another information site that features forums and directories where you can find car parts and other car lovers
  • Jay Lenos Garage – Jay Leno is a classic car archivist and he is a specialist in offering free info on hat to bu abd how to buy when it comes to vintage cars
  • Muscle Cars- This site is mainly about muscle cars and features a forum as well as various articles about fixing these powerful vehicles.
  • Antique Cars-Here you will find photographs for antique car archivists of all kinds. This site is helpful for the experienced and the novice renovator. Videos and a lot of facts on resuscitating your old car abound online. Just about everything you need is just a click away if you have entrée to the internet.