Mercedes 190 SL

Mercedes 190 SL is a two door convertible. It is a stylish car from the first glance. The production of these cars started from the year 1955 and ended in the year 1963. It was officially launched at the New York Auto Show which was held in the 1954. The 190 SL is with double wishbone suspensions in the front side and there is the swing axles at the rear end. It was built on a different platform than the costlier 300 SL model. It has got many similar features that are found in the 300 SL model. But still the two models are very different from each other. The sales of the Mercedes 190 SL model went calmly along with that of the 300 SL model. The 150 SL is much cheaper than the other model and thus people with lower budget preferred it rather than the 300 SL model.

Mercedes 190 SL is with a 1.9 litre engine that is capable of generating 104 hp. The price of the convertible in the early days were just about 3950 USD. It has fuel capacity of about 64 litres which is equal to almost 17 US Gallons. The curb weight is found to be almost 1150 Kg. It is with 4 speed manual transmission and mode and thus would be difficult to drive for those who are used to just the automatic transmission modes. But still, it is a good car to own any day. In those early days, it was even used for racing purposes. Almost 25000 cars of this series were built in those early days and sales went in a pretty good manner along with the 300 SL model. After they stopped the production of Mercedes 190 SL, the all new Mercedes-Benz 230SL came into the scene and had very good success on that as well.