13: Skilled car restoration

Some people especially archivists employ professionalsto help restore their classic cars into good and perfect working conditions. Employing professionalism often strive for the Concours d’Elegance as this is the highest level of restoration. Classic cars that are restored via these means look better than when they left the production warehouse .

Although it might be challenging for a non-professional  to achieve Concours d’Elegance when it comes to classic car restoration especially when they are just starting off,  it is not something out of reach. It will however depend, on how much you are willing to invest in the project.

If you collect classic cars, you will most likely send the car to a professional  to “pimp it” up to the best basis of reference. This is often expensive. Car restoration by skilled hands employ modern technology and instruments to disassemble a car and reassemble it again.

An amateur can learn as much as he can from manuals and courses offered on skilled classic car restoration. Just remember to keep the project in view. It is a classic car that you are working on – it is not do or die affair. If you have the time and the desire to do the job right, you would surely do it without flaws.

A lot of  people who have been in this trade for a while, and selling them for profit think they are “skilled car restorateurs”. With regards to technical skill and the technology employed, this is so. At least, they are making a decent living  from their craft; that earns them the title of doing it “professionally” so to speak. These people can serve as splendid guides to those who are just starting 

There are a number of websites on the internet that provide “skilled car restoration” services. Majority repeat the same mantra that” it is not possible” for amateurs to do fantastic jobs and achieve quality, That you have to…take your classic car to them. They add this  copy to their websites to make it seem as though a private car owner cannot fix a car  in his garage, and that he  is just wasting his time, effort and money. It is a commercial stratagem, nothing more.

If you have been following the instructions in these articles, you will surely be able to reinstate your car to how it was formerly. You need patience and the desire to learn –no more, no less. And, of course, the money to buy parts for your classic car.

Quick Tip:

Do not take notice of the slogans  on the skilled car restoration site, do not let it prevent you from doing what you love to do Learn the craft, you to can restore classic cars, What one man can do, others can..