How to store Classic cars

When you own a classic car you should also know how to take care of it and How to store it. In winters when you plan to mothball your car you should know some details on how you are going to do it.  A car should be kept in a dry garage which is condensation free and also moisture free. The same applies when you are keeping the car in the storage facility. There are steps that you need to take for the care of the car before and after storage. Before you take plan to put away the car for a while give it a thorough wash and wipe it dry. 

Vacuum the interiors of the car and make sure there is nothing that can smell or stink up the car and is left behind inside. If you are placing you car in a garage that has some ventilation and if there are chances of direct sun light falling on the car then it is a good idea to cover the leather trims inside and throw a sheet over the seats. Also before you cover the car try to put a blanket first and then the top cover for the car. However it is very important for the good maintenance of the car that you finish washing, waxing and polishing the car. When you cover the car with a blanket soon after polishing it help[s to retain the shine in the polish. However when you own a classic car then be careful of what items are lying around in the garage. If you have items hanging out of the ceiling then it is a wise idea to first clean all such items and remove them from the danger area and place them in a safe zone out of your car’s way.

Store your classic car

Other kinds of damages you can expect in the garage are rodents and pests and insects. Make sure you have taken pest control action for the garage also as termites are capable of damaging your car too. It is a good idea to open the door of the garage every few days and let some air in. this keeps the air circulating and also to an extent it helps to control the insect’s and other problems. A place that has remain closed fro too long becomes dingy and starts breeding all kinds of living organisms. When it is raining take extra care to check on your car and the garage. If rain water flows into the garage and you leave it that way then it would spell disaster for you after a few days. Take the effort of drying the water out and keeping the garage dry. Wet areas, insects and moisture and high condensation can make your car look a 20 years older within no time. The whole idea behind putting so much effort in taking care of the car is to feel good when you want to take it out for a drive.