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Classic Car RestorationCar restoration
You get a lot of education about the car you own through the car restoration on TV shows. These reveal the car problems that are common with a certain model and how to deal with them. We have collected a lot of good restoration videos. Click your way in on the car you would like to restorate!


nsxClassic of the future: Honda NSX / Acura NSX
The Honda NSX was first spotted in the 1989 Chicago Auto Show as a concept car designed by the Japanese Team of Ken Okuyama and Shigeru Uehara, both Honda Chief Engineers. During the same year, it was also featured during the Tokyo Motor Show in the car’s homeland, Japan.


How to store Classic carsHow to store Classic cars
When you own a classic car you should also know how to take care of it and How to store it. In winters when you plan to mothball your car you should know some details on how you are going to do it.  A car should be kept in a dry garage which is condensation free and also moisture free.

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