18: The Car belongs to you!

Irregardless of  how you did it, the car of your dreams is now yours. You have painstakingly returned  it to its former state as  close as possible. You should be happy to show it off and take it for a ride on the highway.

Although the criteria of car restoration involves  trying to return  the car to almost the original state, if you want to do something really special, feel fee. When you are done, look on it with admiration, even if it did not come out “perfect.” Many never get to “perfect” if ever, especially since this is  your first try. It is much more important you enjoy the experience of restoring the classic car.

If you decide you want to work on another classic car, then take a peek at the papers and auto news to locate one that is in a splendid condition to work on in your garage. 

Never forget  to make use of whatever expertise you have at hand when buying a car for restoration. If, for instance, you are an auto mechanic, you should purchase a car that looks decent on the outside and probably does not run. If you are better at body work, then you should look for a classic car that is not good to look upon on the outside, but can still move around.

Also, it is vital to befriend others people when you are working on this pat time of yours. Though you may enjoy your time when working on the car, you will still need the skill and support of others during the course of your work

Restoring g your classic car can open the door to a variety of  opportunities.. It can give you a fantabulous pastime that you will enjoy for eons, as long as there is life, and can open up doors for new relationships and networks  that will earn you prizes and money.

Bear it in mind that restoring your classic car should be done mainly for enjoyment, not for the money. If you venture  into this craft because you are in love with cars, restoring your classic car will be gratifying and providing personal satisfaction. Above all, you will gain confidence as you keep on in the art of vintage car resurgence.