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2023 Tokyo Motor Show: Honda Prelude Concept | The Daily Drive


Is a reborn Prelude coming to America?

Honda Prelude Concept
Honda Prelude Concept

2023 Japan Mobility ShowRevealed this week at the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show—now officially the Japan Mobility Show—is the Honda Prelude Concept, a ready-for-production-looking show car that draws heavily on the maker’s past.

Available in the U.S. until production ended in 2001, the sporty coupe heavily borrowed architectural and mechanical elements from the midsize Accord.

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Honda Prelude Concept

Popular with enthusiasts, the Prelude was often modified by its owners and remains a sought-after used vehicle. Americans who remember the Prelude likely remember it fondly.

Honda Prelude Concept
Honda Prelude

Honda was skimpy with production details—if there are production details–the company has not committed to producing the Prelude—noting only that the show car featured a hybrid drivetrain.

Per Honda, the Prelude concept was designed to, “Prioritize the joy of driving.” While Honda was mum on drivetrain information, we suspect that the likely low-volume production numbers, and hybrid powertrain, mean that a manual transmission is not in the picture.

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CG Says:

While the idea of a new Prelude is exciting, especially if it looks like the concept car seen here, we doubt that even if it is produced it will make its way to the U.S. Americans don’t buy small coupes anymore, and there are already a few examples on sale here that are struggling to find buyers. Not that our finders aren’t crossed.

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Honda Prelude Concept
Honda Prelude

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