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A Humvee On Tracks Is A True Go-Anywhere Unstoppable Machine


The turret at the top of this Humvee is actually one of the least interesting parts about it

 A Humvee On Tracks Is A True Go-Anywhere Unstoppable Machine

The original AM General Humvee was known for its capabilities in extreme circumstances, as proven by an illustrious military career. This particular example is even more capable, under certain circumstances, thanks to a selection of modifications that includes tank treads at all four corners.

With deleted fenders and the addition of the tracks, the vehicle cuts an impressive figure. However, frequent viewers of The Grand Tour may recall that these wheel alternatives can be pretty unwieldy, and not useful in every scenario.

This Humvee also has a snorkel and an exhaust pipe extension, making it pretty handy for fording bodies of water. This vehicle appears to be the same as the one that was used by the Twin TurBros YouTube channel.

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 A Humvee On Tracks Is A True Go-Anywhere Unstoppable Machine

We have reached out to the channel for confirmation, but regardless of whether or not this is that vehicle, they proved that a Humvee with these modifications can drive through a pond that’s about eight to 10 feet deep.

In a video posted to their YouTube channel, they attach extra-long snorkels to their Humvee, together with extra-long snorkels for their mask,s and drive across the entire length of a muddy pond, something that a similar vehicle with wheels couldn’t do.

Other than the tank tread wheels and the fording kit, this particular Humvee has also had its doors removed (it’s not clear if they come as part of the sale) and has a turret on top. Under the hood, it has a 6.5-liter diesel V8 that’s connected to a three-speed automatic transmission.

No price estimates have been provided for this auction lot, and it isn’t quite clear how many miles the vehicle has covered. What is clear is that it will be presented at auction during Mecum’s Houston 2024 sale, which runs from April 4 to 6.


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