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Bullseye! Teen Drives Jeep INTO Landscaping Trailer


The teen Massachusetts driver of a Jeep Cherokee who plowed through a landscaping trailer couldn’t do it again if they tried

There are certain accidents that would be impressive if they weren’t, you know, accidental. The latest example we’ve seen of that comes from Lynnfield, Massachusetts (just north of Boston), and involves a one-in-a-million, thread-the-needle drive through a box trailer.

Video of the event (which took place in December) was captured by a home security camera and shows the incident in all its unfortunate precision. The shot is centered on the landscaping company’s trailer, which is parked in front of the house.

The truck and trailer are stopped on the side of the road, but the narrowness of the street means that they are still taking up a considerable amount of it. With a cone out to warn drivers, other vehicles can be seen passing the trailer safely.

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 Bullseye! Teen Drives Jeep INTO Landscaping Trailer
Screenshot Boston’s Wicked North Shore

However, seconds into the clip, what appears to be a Jeep Liberty (or Cherokee, depending on your market) enters the frame and drives straight into the back of the trailer. Such is the speed of the incident, that the vehicle breaks through the front of the trailer, and into the back of the tow vehicle.

Few details have emerged regarding the incident, but the Facebook page “Boston’s Wicked North Shore” reports that the driver was only treated for minor injuries, and she was described as a teen. Based on the lack of an attempt to slow down, it seems possible that she was distracted at the time of the crash.

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Fortunately, no one was in the trailer at the time of the crash, meaning that there were no injuries. In fact, the landscapers, who were blowing leaves at the time of the crash, per Boston 25 News, quickly jumped into action to help the young woman out of the SUV, which was likely jammed tight in the trailer.

While this type of accident is likely the subject of fewer intrusive thoughts than the jumping over a ramp truck style of crash, I think we can all agree it’s part of the same genre of incident. Fortunately, we no longer need to wonder what would happen if we drove into a trailer stopped on the side of the road because the question has been answered.


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