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Future GMC Models To Have Distinctive Interiors That Distance Them From Chevrolet


Chevrolet and GMC are inevitably linked, but the days of badge engineering are firmly behind us. That’s clear after spending some time with the 2024 Acadia, which is the shape of things to come.

Starting outside, the crossover was purposely designed to resemble the rest of the GMC lineup. As a result, the model is instantly recognizable as the Acadia has a pronounced grille that is flanked by C-shaped headlights. The latter are echoed out back with C-shaped taillights, which are notably smaller than their predecessors.

The design comes off a little tame and the crossover appears to be a super-sized Terrain from certain angles. However, the longer you look at it, the more you can appreciate the design and the Acadia’s longer wheelbase. Designers were thankful for the latter and noted the increased dimensions better reflect GMC’s premium positioning.

A Unique Interior Design For GMC

Pictures: Michael Gauthier / CarScoops

When we talk about architecture, we’re normally discussing platforms. However, that’s not the case this time around as designers said buildings helped to inspire the Acadia’s upscale design.

This is particularly true of the interior, which embraces horizontal lines as well as a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Designers also talked about how the dashboard and infotainment system sort of resemble a house on a cliff near a waterfall.

First Look: 2024 GMC Acadia Goes Big On Luxury And Offers Lifted AT4 Trim

That might be pushing things a little too far, but the interior has a stylish new design that will become a trademark of GMC. The most notable attribute is a 15-inch infotainment system with a portrait orientation. It stands in stark contrast to the Chevrolet Traverse, which has a massive 17.7-inch infotainment system with a more traditional landscape setup.

A version of the infotainment system originally debuted on the Sierra EV and it will become a fixture in future GMC products. While everyone might not be a fan of the portrait orientation, the display will give upcoming models a distinctive look and feel.

Denali Embraces A Subtle Approach To Luxury

Pictures: Michael Gauthier / CarScoops

The Denali trim has been a resounding success, but it’s changing with the times and becoming less flashy. As part of this effort, the brightwork is more restrained and there’s a greater emphasis on details. An example of the latter is the new grille, which was inspired by iron trusses in another nod to architecture.

That being said, the Acadia Denali is no wallflower as it features gloss black accents, additional body color components, and choreographed lighting sequences. They’re joined by an elegant interior that has authentic wood trim, real metal accents, and two-tone leather seats with embroidered headrests.


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