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Honda Prologue: First GM-derived EV unveiled


Beyond new propulsion systems, the EV revolution is bringing about once formerly unbelievable creations, case in point is the new Honda Prologue.

Unveiled overnight, the Prologue is an electric crossover, and the company’s first serious tilt at the EV market in the US, but that’s not the most remarkable thing about it.

The Prologue is the also first fruit of a partnership with GM. Underneath the car’s exterior is the General’s Ultium dedicated electric car architecture, as well as the American automaker’s battery technology.

Indeed the Prologue, along with the closely-related Acura ZDX, will be produced at a GM factory.

Beyond the Prologue and the ZDX, Honda will launch a “new series of affordable EVs co-developed with GM” starting in 2027.

On top of this 2026 Honda is also planning to begin American production and sales of vehicles based on the e:Architecture being developed internally. The Japanese automaker gave us a preview of what these may look like with the e:N GT, e:N Coupe, and e:N SUV.

Honda calls the Prologue’s styling “neo-rugged”. To our eyes it looks like a longer and boxier version of the American HR-V, which likely be sold in Australia and the rest of the world as the ZR-V.

There’s also a dash of Range Rover Evoque in the rear, especially with the tail-light graphics, which dispense with the company’s H logo in favour of a new word mark.

The Prologue’s interior has a faint whiff of the latest Civic, and comes standard with a 11.0-inch instrumentation display and a 11.3-inch infotainment touchscreen. 

Available features include 21-inch alloy wheels and a panoramic glass roof. 

Measuring 4877mm long, 1989mm wide, 1643mm tall, and riding on a 3094mm wheelbase, the Prologue fits between the 4.7m CR-V and 4.94m Pilot in size.

According to Honda the Prologue will sit alongside the petrol-only 4.84m Passport — essentially a Pilot with a truncated rear and just five seats — in the company’s Stateside range.

With the Prologue not due to go on sale in the USA in 2024, Honda is keeping details about its drivetrain and battery options under wraps for now. 

Given it shares its wheelbase with the Chevrolet Blazer EV, it’s probably safe to assume the Prologue is its twin-under-the-skin.

The Blazer is available with a wide selection of drivetrains, including front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive variants. The range-topping SS model has an impressive 415kW and 878Nm at its disposal.

Depending on the motors employed and batteries used, the Blazer will have a driving range between 398km and 515km.

Right now Honda has only confirmed that it “will be available with all-wheel drive”.

It’s unknown when, or if, Honda will bring any of its planned EVs Down Under, whether they are internally developed models, such as the Euro-centric E hatch, or GM joint ventures.

Late last year, Honda’s Australian arm told CarExpert the company is concentrating on fleshing out its local hybrid range before turning its focus to EVs.

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