It’s been 45 long years since the original Mad Max film was released and yet the film, as well as its sequels, continue to inspire some car owners to build tribute cars to the franchise. This 1972 AMC Javelin has been built as a tribute to Mad Max 2 and is currently up for sale in Greenbank, Washington with a $15,000 asking price. Would you be willing to pay that much for it?

In transforming the Javelin into a car that would look right at home on the set of Mad Max, the owner has painted it in a shade of matte black and fitted with a new set of wheels wrapped in massive Cooper Cobra Radial G/T tires. The ride height has also been increased to make the car more suited to off-road driving, although we certainly wouldn’t be taking this car along any difficult trails.

The seller notes that the AMC’s original 304 cubic-inch V8 has also been rebuilt and now features reworked valve seals, heads, and springs, as well as upgraded Edelbrock cams, lifters, timing gear, and timing chain. While the Facebook Marketplace listing doesn’t mention how much power the car is pumping up, it adds that the original transmission has been modified with modern planetary gears and a Hughes performance torque converter. Complementing the boosted power are upgraded brakes.

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 Live Out Your Mad Max Dreams With This Modified 1972 AMC Javelin

A handful of alterations have also been made to the Javelin’s interior, although we’re not sure we would classify them as “upgrades.” The door panels have been stripped back and there is now a very industrial-looking dashboard with simple switches and gauges. A fire extinguisher is also found inside, although you’d hope that it is never actually needed.

The owner has chosen a good time to sell it as a new Mad Max film is just around the corner and will be released on May 24. The new movie, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth.