• Supercars aren’t easy to drive and one person found that out the hard way when leaving a car meet.
  • They were driving a McLaren 650S Spider and crashed it into several cars and barriers in the median.
  • They also did so directly in front of a motorcycle policeman.

Car meet-ups are a great place to get to know the community, see some cool cars, and sometimes to watch unskilled drivers risk the safety of themselves and others to try and show off. In this case, it just so happens that the unskilled driver in question was piloting a McLaren 650S Spider and he nearly slid off a cliff. Thankfully, for him at least, three cars he ran into kept him from taking a dip in the ocean below.

The car meet in question happened on April 7th at the Malibu Autobahn Cars & Coffee. As is the case in many of these types of situations, people leaving the event were revving their engines and zooming by pedestrians who were recording the goings on. Right after a Hummer drives by one such bystander we hear and see a dark blur pass the camera.

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It’s the McLaren in question and it’s moving fast. As soon as the lens focuses on the supercar it’s clearly already out of control. It first plows into several movable median barriers. In the process, he nearly hits a police officer on a motorcycle in the oncoming lane. 

Then, the driver overcorrects, can’t catch the spin, and hits at least three different cars parked on the other side of the street. Finally, the car comes to a stop pointed back at his original position.

The driver moves the McLaren to a spot slightly further down the road and the crowd swarms him. They check out the damaged Infiniti, and a pair of Hondas on the way and arrive at the 650S Spider as the driver is exiting the car. 

The middle-aged man appears understandably rattled. Had the cars not been on the side of the road he likely would have flown right off of the road. Thankfully, nobody ended up physically hurt. 

Screenshot Shacked / PWR2WH8 / YouTube